Aug. 1st, 2009

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Aiden got up early and made sure the alarm clock was turned off. If there was any day Angel could sleep in a bit, it was today. He dug out a pair of shorts because he was certain his other two roommates did not want to possibly wander into the kitchen to find the Naked Chef. And there was the whole promise to Sara to never be in less than shorts. He scurried to the kitchen to get a hurry on things. He got the small breakfast casserole together for Valeria and Sara and put it in the oven. Then he went to work on the other meal. He had done a lot of preparation the night before. Everything was as fresh as he could make it. He still wasn't sure Angel was a rice for breakfast kind of girl so he had called her mother to get the proper way to make grits.

He did not look forward to doing dishes whenever he got around to it. Once the casserole was done, he set it on the counter top, put his improvised rack over it, and draped a towel over the whole thing to keep his two other roommates from starving. Then he remembered to put a big note on it so they could find it. Once they were taken care of, he started piling enough breakfast for three normal people onto a make-shift tray. Technically, it was enough to feed him and Angel, no matter if she went Japanese or Southern cuisine.

With a puff of breath, he hefted it up and padded back down to their bedroom. Breakfast in bed was about all he could afford at the moment. He needed to look into ways of getting a cash flow of some sort. Sometime after the power plant was in not needing work all the time shape. Though that was a concern for another day. Today was all about Angel. Whatever she wanted to do would be done today. If he needed to drive her anywhere after breakfast to see her parents or whatever, it would be done.

He somehow got their bedroom door open with a heavy tray in his hands and then nudged it closed. Aiden took very soft, careful steps over to the chest his grandmother had given him as a graduation present and set the tray carefully on it. Then he moved over to sit down on the bed beside Angel. He smiled to himself a bit at how peaceful she looked. He glanced over at the clock and chewed on his lower lip. He wasn't sure he had let her sleep in long enough, but he also didn't want to be giving her a cold breakfast. Aiden rolled his shoulders a bit and looked down at his girlfriend sleeping on her side. Yep. Time to wake her.

The Mojoworlder gently placed a hand on Angel's hip as he leaned over to kiss her cheek. "G'mornin', Birthday Girl."


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