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He had been working toward this for awhile. Aiden had achieved what he originally wanted but had paid a steep price for it. Years under Spiral's knife to repair the scarred half of his body. Giving what he could to his partner in crime to keep him there. When there wasn't enough chaos caused, the body that was slowly not becoming his was given over.

Now, the young Mojoworlder crouched outside of a kitchen window. He nodded to his compatriot before disappearing from view. There were the sounds of dinner being cleaned up. Bad luck for those inside that the alarm system connected to the back door decided to have a malfunction and not pick up the dooring seeming to open on its own. Aiden slipped in and behind the blond rinsing dishes at the sink before putting them into the dishwasher.

Half of his face felt plastic as he sneered. He turned visible as a garrote made of light appeared between his hands. He glowed faintly for his own protection as thin, sharp line sliced right into his target's neck. There was a breathy gasp and a brief struggle. Then he kissed the dead girl's cheek before lowering her to the tile floor. "Goodbye, sister-dear."

Another Hana wiped from a reality. He slipped back out the door as the alarm system fixed itself.


Aiden stretched and felt a snap crackle pop run along his back. He winced and realized he had been in the hammock way too long. He looked at the fuzzy little boy curled up on his chest. Ah, yes. The cute and fuzzy paperweight. One of the best reasons for not moving.

"You know, Dad, he is light enough to lift and move."

He squinted up at his eldest child. The Mojoworlder tried to remember when she had become a silent loomer. "But he's so comfy. Though a tad warm. I think my t-shirt's sweated to my chest."

Light blue, fuzzy hands reached out for her little brother. "I'll take him. Mom's looking for you. Something about a white picket fence. Before Aunt Hana shows up tomorrow to spoil us rotten."

Aiden groaned as he pushed himself out of the hammock. He was getting too old to be idle. "I promised that, didn't I?"


Professor Blaire walked around the abandoned asylum in the dark. He looked at the night vision display and hummed softly. There had been a moving shadow this way, he was certain of it. He looked to his partner.

"We're the only ones in this wing," Valeria reported back as she adjusted her glasses. Then she was peering off in another direction.

"Hmm." He lead the way deeper. He was inspecting a corner to see if it was just a trick of their own movement when there came the sound of a brick bouncing off a force field. Aiden glanced up.

"We're not alone here," Valeria noted.

He could not stop the grin that broke out on his face. "Then we hunt!"

The camera was moved to his hip holster and he reached for his Neutrona Wand.


"Oh, God. My mother's going to kill me. Then your father. I'm too young to be a father!" He ran his hands through his hair. "Maybe your Mom will bring me back from a pile of ashes."

"It doesn't quite work that way," a very pale Sara said. In her hand was a pregnancy test. "And you told me nothing happened!"

He brought his shoulders up and held out his hands. "I was drunk! What would I know?"


The dressing room hadn't changed in the last two hundred times he had used it. He sat there with his forehead down on the counter. He ignored the mirror reflecting his bare-chest and the ragged scar running over one shoulder and down to the bottom of his sternum. Hopefully wardrobe would handle covering this. He didn't like how the make-up ram looked at him. Aiden cast his mind over what role he was supposed to be playing this time.

He had to think through tides of regrets. He knew it had to have been Earth-standard years since he had left everyone behind. He had tiny hopes they would have understood what he had done and why he had, but age brought a more firm sense of reality. He was lost in the middle of the stream of history. His father had the Mojos before and his half-brother finished the Mojos after. Aiden was stuck in the middle. He would be canceled here.

All to save them. To keep Spiral from getting his twin sister. To give his parents and siblings a chance outside of old shadows. No one had made it to him, so he hoped everything had not been for naught. There weren't easy ways to get here anymore. The Mistress of the Wild Ways had died at his hands. He was now serving out a hundred lifetimes contract for taking away the bloat's favorite toy.

Thin shoulders rose as he took a breath and picked his head up. He stared at the tired eyes beneath brunette bangs. What was he supposed to be again. Oh, yeah...

"Arr, matey." He might have to work on the enthusiasm.


"'Yon maiden' did not ask for rescuin', thankyouverymuch."

The redheaded man in shiny armor blinked. He pushed the visor with loose hinges back up. "My pardon, milady. You seemed to be most distressed. Was I to not smote the cad assaulting you?"

"That weren't no cad!" The object of his rescuing shot back as she put her hands on her hips. "That was my boyfriend! We were havin' a grand ole time until you showed up."

"Oh." His face colored slightly. He started to back away, clanking slightly as he did so. "Then mayhap I should mount my steed and tarry elsewhere."

The fuzzy maiden with a most pale complexion sighed and dropped her hands from her hips. "Look, y'all owe me a ride. Jacques doesn't look to be gettin' up anytime with his brain all smoted over those rocks."

The knight pressed her forefingers together and grimaced. "I thought he had been a more fell foe that way he made you scream, milady."

She glowered at him. "Mah name's Aldonza."

"Ah. Good. I am Sir Ayden of Fantazia. I am on a quest to find where my squire-sister wandered off to." After his introduction, he mounted his trusty nag and offered a hand up for the maiden. "Though, I have question that may sound impertinent..." He took her silence as assent. "Do all people of this land speak in your peculiar manner?"

His head kind of rang when she slapped the back of his helmet. As his visor clanged down again, he thought he heard the maiden behind him laughing.


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