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Name:Aiden Blaire
Birthdate:Jan 1
That I'm also the sunlight
That shines shortly after

Name: Aiden Blaire
Codename: Photonik
Birthday/Age: January 1, 1991 -- 19 years old
Birthplace: Nagano, Japan
Location/Residence: New Mutants' base in Brookview, NJ
Family Members: Longshot (father), Dazzler (Mother), Shatterstar (half-brother), Hana (twin sister), 3 other full siblings, Josephine Blaire Bennet (other dimensional half-sister), Caroline Song (cousin)
Occupation: Bartender, teacher of small robots, almost band member
Legal status: Citizen of Japan with no criminal record
Species: Homosuperior and Mojoworlder hybrid
Alignment: Hero
Group Affiliation: New Mutants

Attended: Xavier's School for Higher Learning
Best Classes: Gym, Self-Defense, Power Training
Worst Classes: History, English Lit, Psychology
University: None, but has a diploma from The New York Bartending School, Inc for bartending mixology.
Classes enrolled in: N/A
Clubs involved in: None

Height: 6'3"
Hair Colour: Blond
Eye Colour: Blue
Sense of Style: Rocker casual
Typical Scent: HM by Hanae Mori
Posture: Relaxed

The first impression of Aiden is that he is a nice, happy-go-lucky guy who does not seem to have his head on Earth. For awhile, that was what he was. He was hard to keep down. He had an ability to bounce back after whatever life threw at him. Now, it remains a first impression and the surface of his being. He found it the best facade to keep the most people happy and things running like they should. It does become closer to his personal reality the more he is alone with his girlfriend. He finds her to be the steady rock he can hold to and keep some sense of balance.

Aiden's confidence has taken hits in the past couple years. From feeling like he is the weakest powered mutant he knows to the damage done to him from Mojo III and Spiral, he has lost some of the springiness in who he is. He continues to try to be as friendly and welcoming to strangers as he can manage, but his Mojoworlder otherworldliness has a stronger pull on him. He sometimes appears not to be paying attention to things or paying attention to the weirdest things.

Due to his Japanese upbringing, he's affable and polite almost to a fault. He also places a high importance on saving face, which puts him at odds with most everybody else around him.

Aiden is completely devoted to his girlfriend Angel. No one can hold his attention like she can. He only notices flirting when it comes from her. Nothing can rouse him to anger like the impression someone is hurting her or treating her unfairly.

He cares very deeply for his other two New Mutants teammates. Especially as his wounded mind and heart has put them into pseudo-familial roles after his experiences and fallout from Mojoworld. He tries hard to make sure he does not make Sara uncomfortable and to let her know she isn't alone. He keeps an eye on Valeria to make sure she doesn't hide in her lab and makes sure she gets a few smiles in daily. Zip, Valeria's AI, is treated much like his own little student.

When angered, Aiden's usual method of outlet is to punch whoever is making him angry in the nose. He will try to if given the chance, no matter how impossible or impolite it would be.

Aiden is the eldest of Longshot and Alison's children, even if it is by minutes. Rambunctious was a tame word for him as a child since he felt he had to try to keep up with his father. The biological imperative was inherent on that, even if it made his mother a little bit crazy. Longshot's Mojoworlder genetics gave Aiden unnatural amounts of energy, stamina, and a uncanny knack for finding trouble. Alison's human influence gave Aiden a solid form and more patience than his father possessed. His mother's influence did not stop Aiden from climbing on top of as many tall things as he could find.

He grew up in the midst of every boy's dream. He lived in a big castle, was surrounded by horses and all manner of other animals that caught his mother's fancy. He even had a ninja babysitter or two to chase him down. When his mutation activated at the same time as his sister's, his parents were slightly distracted by Hana's. Aiden's powers were not as showy as his sister's. Though it did get noticed when he disappeared in the middle of a room. In the next few months, a lot of furniture had to be replaced as the other facet of his mutation manifested at odd times. His list of light sword slain household goods included two couches, a bed, three end tables, the dinner table, five chairs, a pygmy marmoset cage, and one set of kitchen cabinets. He will not mention how many roof tiles and balcony railings fell beneath his mighty and awkward hand.

Gradually, with the help of family, ninjas and teachers at Xavier's, he began to get better control of his abilities.

During his third year of attendance at Xavier's, Aiden began ranging out with the younger members of the X-Men and participated in a rescue mission against the Mutant Liberation Front. Following that successful mission, The Hand set into motion a plan to strike against Aiden's parents for their involvement in the fight against The Hand's machinations in previous years. The plot started with Aiden's kidnapping and forcing Hana and Mikhail Romanov to attempt a rescue on terms set by the captors. All three were allowed escape and survived, although all three suffered differing amounts of injury. Aiden, however, came away with the most injuries from being beaten intensely for hours.

The Hand would return for a second strike against the twins, taking Hana right off the grounds of the X-Mansion. She was kept prisoner for three agonizing days with no demands being sent or contact with her brother. Her unheralded return to the front gates of the mansion revealed the extent of the physical injuries. Also among her wounds, Aiden found out she did not remember who she was or the identity of anyone else around her. Slowly, her memories returned and Aiden ceased his bedside vigil to give her some space.

While under house arrest while his father tried to hunt down the Hand, Aiden met Angela "Angel" Wagner after she had returned to the mansion. He found her gymnastics fascinating, and she found him darn cute. As they talked and showed off their tumbling, Aiden figured out and succeeded in making someone invisible along with himself. In celebration, they shared their first kiss. Then their second as Angel teleported them both to her bedroom. Before things got too far, Aiden managed to listen to the nagging voice in his head and ask Angel out on a date. They sealed the deal with their third kiss.

While waiting for the Hand to make their next move or his father to bring the nefarious ninjas to justice, Aiden got caught up in an Inhuman plot. He and Angel were emotionally manipulated into helping his friend Stheno get kidnapped. After this event, doubts about his own ability to be useful and not a hindrance started to creep in. Even pointing out it was an omega level mutant manipulating him did not soothe his doubts, but still, Aiden tried to soldier on.

With a need to prove himself, Aiden tried to get into the hunt for the Hand. Instead, he managed to get into a big argument with his father. Rather than wait around the mansion and wait for the walls to topple on him, Aiden went looking for his girlfriend. He initially just wanted to talk but found he couldn't refuse her offer of helping him escape the mansion. So the pair of mutants, ran into Salem Center to take the bus to New York. Once in New York, they had their first date and nearly consummated their relationship.

The final showdown with the Hand came after Misha had been kidnapped. Aiden and Angel eventually made their way to where the Silver Samurai was torturing his captive. Aiden managed to save Misha from being beheaded by challenging the samurai to one on one combat while Angel teleported Misha out of there. Despite his skills, Aiden was not as good as a swordsman as the Silver Samurai and ended up impaled on the samurai's sword. The young Mojoworlder managed to survive the encounter with another stay in the medical facilities at Xavier's.

Shortly after his release from the med lab, Angel showed Aiden what those 'four things' she had promised him were.

Less than a week later, Aiden found himself playing the part of Robin Hood in a fairy tale. He found it disconcerting to have more staff training than his Little John, the bows to not be of Japanese make, Friar Tuck to be female, and Evil McTighties to be one of his Merry Men. He managed to work his way through the tale, only to have it reboot when he did not rescue Maid Marion because it wasn't Angel. Though he and his band of Dysfunctional Men managed to complete the tale and get sent back to their proper dimension.

Two months later, evil doubles showed up on the grounds of Xavier's. After initial confusion and attacks by evil versions of Sara Summers and his twin sister, Aiden was sent out as a distraction. He was supposed to lead the evil Hana back, but her control of the shadows and viciousness sent those plans off track. Instead, he drew the evil double out onto the grounds to keep her away from Valeria trying to get the generators on. Aiden only managed to survive the encounter with his evil sister due to his own evil double succeeding in finally killing his twin. Yet again, the wounds Aiden sustained during the encounter put him back into Xavier's medical facilities. He contemplated getting a punch card to get a free bouquet of balloons on his tenth visit.

Not long after the evil doubles visit, Xavier's was invaded by small, evil creatures from another dimension. The creatures looked much like faeries of lore but tended to be the ones of darker incarnations. He was nearly drowned in the lake during one incident. He got stabbed by shadow swords wielded by shadow generals as he helped Valeria Richards, Hana, and Molly Hayes face off against the dark faerie queen. With two more punches on his medical facilities card, he felt that balloon bouquet get even closer.

Aiden managed two months of relative calm outside of having one of his good friends kidnapped by a giant Smurf and turned into an evil horsemistress. He went home for his Christmas break, taking Angel with him. It was the peaceful calm before a horrible storm.

On the plane ride back to New York, Aiden was kidnapped by Spiral and taken to Mojoworld. On Mojoworld, he found himself under the bulbous thumb of Mojo III, an unnoted Spineless One in the annals of Mojoworld history until Aiden's capture. Aiden was tortured and forced to appear in Mojoworld productions that were beamed to Earth for everyone to watch. The young Mojoworlder was eventually rescued by a group of X-Men picked for the best ratings. During the rescue, Aiden and Sara Summers ended up naked in bed together to help finish off the end of the spy movie he was in. On transport back to Xavier's, the substance Spiral had used to mend Aiden's numerous wounds received while filming and being tortured melted. Aiden got another punch on his medical facilities card.

The torture he went through and knowledge gained of what went on after his capture rocked Aiden's world. Where all the other large incidents of his life, he could bounce from, Aiden found that the events around his Mojoworld capture and rescue too painful. He tried to work with Professor Xavier and Miss Rachel Grey to undo what mental programming had been forced onto him. However, his treatment went only half-finished because some of what had been used against Aiden held truths he had not wanted to deal with. He slowly worked to sublimate the feelings so he would have no more harsh encounters with his parents and twin sister. It was at this point he started to form an invaluable close friendship with Sara Summers and Valeria Richards.

A couple months after his return to Earth, Aiden learned of and met a dimensional half-sibling. He tried to be as welcoming to Josephine Blaire Bennet as he could even with his mangled feelings about family. Shortly after the dinner with his new sister, Aiden went to lunch with his estranged twin sister. Some of the problems between them were resolved, but during the course of lunch, a trip back to Xavier's, and another punch on Aiden's balloon bouquet card, it was learned that Spiral had mystically put in more programming to get him estranged from his family.

Aiden then managed to make it to graduation without ending up in the medical facilities. He bequeathed his card to his younger brother Percy who would be attending the school in the following year. When faced with the prospect of living without Angel around, Aiden scrambled and planted the seeds of the idea of four of the New Jersey college bound graduates living together and forming their own team. Aiden, Angel, Valeria, and Sara found an abandoned power plant and began working on getting it converted into a base.

They spent all summer working on it. Once the base was mostly ready, college began. Aiden found being alone in the base with just a studious and growing AI slightly boring. As Zip had other lessons than his own, Aiden went looking for something he could do that did not require a lot of schooling. He found a flier for bartending and managed to complete the courses with no problem.

Recently, the New Mutants found out Mojo III still had an interest in Aiden. A team of individuals was sent to face the New Mutants. M.A.D.C.A.P. eventually lost to the New Mutants, but the Mojoworlders managed to get more cameras into the base to help with the 'Earth reality' program Mojo III is taping of them.

Currently, Aiden has just met one of his daughters with Angel from an alternate future.

Aiden has inherited some of his mother's ability to manipulate light, but his abilities are more limited than hers. More specifically, he cannot produce lasers or other phenomena that are not directly connected to his person. Once produced light is not in contact with his person, it dissipates. He does not need sound to feed his powers, however. Two special applications of his powers are the ones he uses most frequently: Aiden is able to bend light around himself to make himself invisible to the eye and he is also able to make weapons out of hardened light that he can wield like the actual weapons they are shaped after. He has refined his hardened light abilities so he can use more than a sword. He is also able to form defensive measures like shields around his body, but those shields come at a loss of creating weapons in hand at the time. It has also been noticed that Aiden is not affected by brightness of light or strobing effects.

Aiden can produce small, realistic holograms in the palms of his hands, like of a tiny palm tree swaying in the wind. However, his power limitations do not allow him to produce them at any distance.

He also inherited his father's unnatural agility and has refined it with his gymnastics training. So he can do feats more by skill than luck. Aiden, however, does not possess his father's light-boned body and cannot quite jump as high in comparison.

A very low-level healing factor is part of his genetic make-up as being part Mojoworlder. It is not near Wolverine levels, but it can have him ready for being back in front of the cameras within a couple weeks after a serious injury.
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Player: Beverly McIntyre
PB: Alex Band
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♪ Heart of a Dragon by DragonForce
Extras: Aiden has four digits per hand or foot. He has two hearts and musculature typical of a Mojoworlder.
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