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Twenty-first birthdays were supposed to be big things. Well, in America. In Japan, Aiden had already had his big deal birthday on his 20th. And his wee Japanese grandmother had drank him under the table. Today, however, the young Mojoworlder was trying to make everything perfect for the young lady he was going to marry.

As with all important personal holidays, Aiden made Angel breakfast in bed. Though he was a little worried about how well his present went over. And if his plans for later in the evening would leave them relatively unscathed.
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Aiden had been on a high since his band's well-received performance. He had been bouncier and happier than he had been in awhile. Some of his lingering issues were pushed to the nether regions of his mind from the crowding of possibility. The Mojoworlder was still floating along when his band mates made a surprise visit to the New Mutants home-cum-base. The girls were out shopping for summer hoodies or something. Aiden hadn't really paid attention because it sounded girlly and of no interest to him. Consequently, the base felt empty as he lead his band mates to his music room.

"What's up, guys?" Aiden asked cheerfully as he opened the door and gestured them inside. There was a loose grouping of chairs across from his drum kit for them to sit in.

"The next gig," Jimmy, the lead singer, answered as he flopped heavily into one of the chairs. His hair was in its typically messy state, looking like he had gotten out of bed and walked directly into a wind tunnel. The guitarist and bassist quiet took their seats beside him.

"Oh? Are we doing the same two sets? Or maybe changing it up a bit?" Aiden was cheerful and oblivious to why the trio seemed a little sullen. He had no idea why they weren't more excited after a great gig and another one coming up. "Maybe add in some metal covers? Something that covers all our strengths? I have a list of some possib-"

"Aiden," the bassist interrupted in a low rumble. "We need to talk."

The Mojoworlder blinked and stared at his dark-haired band mates. He thought that they were already talking. He was sure he had been moving his lips and sound was coming out. Aiden tilted his head and tried to figure out what was going on.

"Look," Jimmy started after puffing out an aggravated breath. "The indie reps at our last gig were impressed with us. They're going to bring their boss to our next gig to show off their find and maybe get us signed."

Aiden was about to whoop in victory. Except Jimmy held up his hand to forestall him.
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Aiden got up early and made sure the alarm clock was turned off. If there was any day Angel could sleep in a bit, it was today. He dug out a pair of shorts because he was certain his other two roommates did not want to possibly wander into the kitchen to find the Naked Chef. And there was the whole promise to Sara to never be in less than shorts. He scurried to the kitchen to get a hurry on things. He got the small breakfast casserole together for Valeria and Sara and put it in the oven. Then he went to work on the other meal. He had done a lot of preparation the night before. Everything was as fresh as he could make it. He still wasn't sure Angel was a rice for breakfast kind of girl so he had called her mother to get the proper way to make grits.

He did not look forward to doing dishes whenever he got around to it. Once the casserole was done, he set it on the counter top, put his improvised rack over it, and draped a towel over the whole thing to keep his two other roommates from starving. Then he remembered to put a big note on it so they could find it. Once they were taken care of, he started piling enough breakfast for three normal people onto a make-shift tray. Technically, it was enough to feed him and Angel, no matter if she went Japanese or Southern cuisine.

With a puff of breath, he hefted it up and padded back down to their bedroom. Breakfast in bed was about all he could afford at the moment. He needed to look into ways of getting a cash flow of some sort. Sometime after the power plant was in not needing work all the time shape. Though that was a concern for another day. Today was all about Angel. Whatever she wanted to do would be done today. If he needed to drive her anywhere after breakfast to see her parents or whatever, it would be done.

He somehow got their bedroom door open with a heavy tray in his hands and then nudged it closed. Aiden took very soft, careful steps over to the chest his grandmother had given him as a graduation present and set the tray carefully on it. Then he moved over to sit down on the bed beside Angel. He smiled to himself a bit at how peaceful she looked. He glanced over at the clock and chewed on his lower lip. He wasn't sure he had let her sleep in long enough, but he also didn't want to be giving her a cold breakfast. Aiden rolled his shoulders a bit and looked down at his girlfriend sleeping on her side. Yep. Time to wake her.

The Mojoworlder gently placed a hand on Angel's hip as he leaned over to kiss her cheek. "G'mornin', Birthday Girl."
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They had arrived at Narita Airport on the 23rd after a nonstop flight from New York. Due to Hand activities earlier in the year and the need to hide Angel from having to be fingerprinted when she didn't have five fingers, they departed the flight and got a special escort from a short by even Japanese standards woman. They went through customs with minimal fuss and met up with the welcoming committee. The three students got hugs and shuffled off to the vehicle with their bags and things. They arrived at the twin's home (shown in a Percy made model here) in the evening. Angel was shown a guest room and the twins dropped off their own things after being lovingly mauled.

The next day was a haze of sleep, baking, and wrapping. Also, one sore butt from Aiden slipping and falling on the ice-covered koi pond while trying to show off.

Now, it was currently Christmas Day. Aiden was lounging on the couch. There were presents to open. Though there were nice smells wafting from the kitchen. His grandmother still had not come down yet. He was just going to enjoy the day as much as he could. It was nice to be home.

Though he did hope they could give a little mini-concert with Mom before the present unwrapping began in earnest. Because Tristan was going to take forever with his haul from Santa.
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(( Takes place shortly after the events in Hana's post ))

Thank the programmers that Aunt Lisa had taken a strong hand in getting things situated. After Aunt Nika's insistence that Hana stay in her room, Aiden's twin eventually told those gathered what had happened to her in Alex's bathroom. Aiden himself went through several shades of white as he listened. There was still an enormous amount of anger inside of him, but it was blanketed under fear and sadness. His sister and best friend had been attacked like that. He held Hana until she finally fell asleep.

Then Aunt Lisa stepped in. She and Nika would alternate between the recliner in the front room and the chair at Hana's bedside. Aiden got the couch. Angel was given Lisa's bed to sleep in. The teen Mojoworlder would have protested, but he was too drained after listening to what Hana said to try. He kissed Angel on the cheek and settled on the couch. He couldn't relax. His mind kept going over how he must have missed chances to help Hana. She was supposed to look after him, and he her. Dad had told him as much when they first started school at Xavier's.

Aiden kept tossing and turning, never quite falling asleep. After Nika had finished her turn for vigil at Hana's bedside, he watched through half-lidded eyes as she went right past the recliner to the front closet. She seemed to dig some things out and go out the front door. He had never been very good at time-telling, but it was still dark out.

It was lonely and cold in the front room without somebody over there in the recliner. He sat up with a soft sigh. His stomach roiled at the change in position. He puffed out a breath to try to keep dinner down. Every time he'd close his eyes, he'd see his sister backed into a corner and scared out of her mind. When he felt his stomach heave again, he decided a bathroom might be in order. He avoided the main one in case Hana or Lisa needed it.

He quietly crept into Lisa's room. Aiden paused to look at the dark shape on his aunt's bed. He longed to lay beside Angel and just hold her. She was warm and rock steady. Everything he needed right at the moment. Except if he did that, he might get sick all over her. His stomach was letting him know in no uncertain terms that he had never been this worried and it did not like it one bit. So, instead of climbing onto the bed with Angel, he quietly padded into the master bathroom.

Aiden did his best to close the door as silently as he could. If he did hurl, he hoped the mighty wood of the door would protect his girlfriend's ears. He slowly groped his way through the darkness to find the toilet. He might have knocked over Lisa's toothbrush cup and toothpaste and... Za's Vid, he didn't want to know what his aunt kept in here. Why couldn't he just find the... ah. There it was.

The tile felt a little cool as he slowly sank down. He swallowed and stared at the dark spot that was probably the toilet. He felt terrible. He could probably feel better if he threw up. Or at least drained enough to try to fall into a numb sleep. Except his body was not cooperating. After a few minutes of kneeling in front of the porcelain bowl, he shifted and sat down with his back against the bathtub. He willed himself to puke. Anything. Release of something.


Instead, he drew his knees up to his chest and wrapped his arms around them. Why Hana? Of the two of them, why her? He was supposed to protect her. He thought he had been doing okay. Except in the span of months, he had been given two outstanding examples that he couldn't. He wondered if this was part of growing up. Being shown that you were a complete failure on the most important things. With the Hand, he couldn't have done much. He knew that much. But with Alex, he should have seen something. Stopped it somehow.

It had been too much of a relief then. Had to be it. He had been seeing Hana smile again after Misha left with Becky. He thought maybe she had listened to him. Now, he was thinking he knew nothing. That he had somehow stopped paying attention and thinking everything was fine when it wasn't. He bit his lower lip and put his forehead down on his knees.

He wanted to shrink. Disappear down to a size where he could hide in one of Hana's pockets and pop out to punch noses before things got out of hand. Instead, he got hot tears sliding down his cheeks and his shoulders shaking. He tried to choke down the sounds that wanted to come out.