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Konnichi wa, kochira wa Aiden desu. Moushi wake arimasen ga, tadaima denwa ni deru koto ga dekimasen. Hasshin-on no ato ni messeeji wo onegai shimasu. Ato de kochira kara o-henji moushi agemasu. O-denwa arigatou gozaimasu.
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Aiden had been on a high since his band's well-received performance. He had been bouncier and happier than he had been in awhile. Some of his lingering issues were pushed to the nether regions of his mind from the crowding of possibility. The Mojoworlder was still floating along when his band mates made a surprise visit to the New Mutants home-cum-base. The girls were out shopping for summer hoodies or something. Aiden hadn't really paid attention because it sounded girlly and of no interest to him. Consequently, the base felt empty as he lead his band mates to his music room.

"What's up, guys?" Aiden asked cheerfully as he opened the door and gestured them inside. There was a loose grouping of chairs across from his drum kit for them to sit in.

"The next gig," Jimmy, the lead singer, answered as he flopped heavily into one of the chairs. His hair was in its typically messy state, looking like he had gotten out of bed and walked directly into a wind tunnel. The guitarist and bassist quiet took their seats beside him.

"Oh? Are we doing the same two sets? Or maybe changing it up a bit?" Aiden was cheerful and oblivious to why the trio seemed a little sullen. He had no idea why they weren't more excited after a great gig and another one coming up. "Maybe add in some metal covers? Something that covers all our strengths? I have a list of some possib-"

"Aiden," the bassist interrupted in a low rumble. "We need to talk."

The Mojoworlder blinked and stared at his dark-haired band mates. He thought that they were already talking. He was sure he had been moving his lips and sound was coming out. Aiden tilted his head and tried to figure out what was going on.

"Look," Jimmy started after puffing out an aggravated breath. "The indie reps at our last gig were impressed with us. They're going to bring their boss to our next gig to show off their find and maybe get us signed."

Aiden was about to whoop in victory. Except Jimmy held up his hand to forestall him.
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((Backdated to just before this.))

Aiden had been going over the details of his final project and what tracks he needed back from Percy and tracks he still had to send to the brainiac. He was bent over his desk, industriously doodling around the two scribbled lists. He barely glanced up at his cell ringing. He snagged it and looked at the number. Not a local number.

"Moshi moshi," he answered promptly after flipping his phone open.

"Do you always answer your phone that way? Just out of curiosity," said the familiar Japanese voice on the other end of the line. His eldest aunt was eternally curious about him. Mostly because of all of Longshot's children, Aiden seemed the most likely to get into the family business that did not deal with entertainment. So, his aunt was ever curious what he was doing.

"It was a number I didn't know. Narrows the list of people who would call me by a lot." Aiden smiled to himself as he started doodling what was supposed to be a puff of brimstone with a white tail coming out of it. Well, supposed to, it looked a little more like a diagram for human growth and development.

"Ah. Remember the conditions for Hana's seal?" There were sounds in the background that the teenager couldn't quite make out. It generally sounded like the soundtrack used in movies for city noises.

"Yeah. I've been waiting for directions." If his aunt was going to give him a job to do, it would certainly stop him from thinking in circles about his final project. Possibly a welcome distraction.

"Your iPod has been in the lost and found at the Post Office for awhile now, hasn't it?"
"Erm. Yeah. I should get that, huh?"
"Probably. One might think you didn't like my gift."
"Oh, never. Full of slamming beats and stuff to move with. I've just been busy."
"Well, get it soon, nephew. Jaa."

"Hai. Hai," he responded before closing his phone. He looked down at his doodles. Not much for him to do today. He thought Angel was doing something with her parents today, so he probably wouldn't see her until the evening. He had time on his hands. He sent Angel a message he was going out for a bit and would be back later. Then he gathered up his leather jacket and put on his motorcycle boots. He dropped to the floor with a soft grunt and reached under his bed. It took him a second to remember how he stashed this gear and the correct way to get it undone. Once, in hand, he put the sack over his shoulder and headed out to his bike.

The ride into Salem Center was uneventful as he headed toward the Post Office. Then he bypassed the Post Office and went down four blocks. He parked his bike outside of the florist there and went in. Aiden gave his best smile to the petite woman behind the counter and said he was here to pick up a bouquet of forget-me-nots for his Aunt Alice. He had to wait a few minutes before he was handed a tastefully done floral arrangement in a small wicker basket. He walked out of the store and around the corner before he removed the flowers and saw a small disc at the bottom. He took the disc out and replaced the flowers. He handed the basket of flowers to an old lady he passed on his way back to his bike. He settled down on his bike and pulled out something the looked like an iPod out of one of his interior jacket pockets.

The case of the fake iPod flipped open, and he put the disk in before closing it again. He put the earbuds in as he felt the tiny vibrations of the device whirring to life. His aunt's voice came through the headphones after a second. The message, as typical for her, was mostly in Japanese. Some slang words came out in perfect English.

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He wasn't in class when he should be. A student still needed to attended classes even though he had finished his final project early. The young Mojoworlder knew this. He just had a hard time getting out of bed after his girlfriend left to go help in tumbling classes. When he finally pushed himself upright, he scratched an itchy belly and decided to hell with the rest of the day. Now, he was standing in the senior boys' steam-filled restroom. Class time was about the only time he figured he could get this place on his own. Today, at least, he was right. His skin was still pinkish from the long, hot shower. His shoulders and the back of his neck had a more reddish cast, but he ignored any minor stinging. He wiped the fogged up mirror with his hand shaking and stared at the smeared reflection.

His skin didn't look sallow and mottled egg-shell yellow. Blond hair instead of masses of multi-colored wire. Aiden stood there for a moment and shook his head slowly. So different. His blue eyes seemed dull. Could have been the steam. Most likely was life. The person in the mirror was not like the person Aiden had been a year ago. A year and the boy who had been was gone. No more moves with unrestrained zest. Everything seemed calculated or cautious now. How much was needed to get by. How much the audience would appreciate. Except the audience was all of one and not impressed.

Standing there and slightly dripping on the tile didn't stop him from staring to try to figure out changes that were below the skin. The mirror fogging up again did. He thought he had more friends a year ago. A willingness to make them. A sense of adventure. Less nightmares. Last night had been horrible when he shut his eyes. A reminder that even though he was back here, the bloated sack could and would grab him back with no one able to stop him.

Aiden had been helped by the Professor and Miss Grey, but that only went so far. So many footsteps inside his head before he felt intruded upon. He only allowed so much help before he thought he was being carried. And he wanted desperately to be strong enough to not be carried. He figuratively pushed himself to his own feet and started walking. It had gotten him here. And here seemed miles from the happy there he had been in a year ago. Maybe not happy, but definitely massively ignorant. Sheltered long enough to be broken and burned later.

He grabbed his towel with a sigh and started to actually dry himself off. As much as he could in his informal sauna. Too much self-reflection was probably a bad thing. But he had to think about it. Since when things got rough he was told he was not the son they had raised, the brother she had grown up with, or the hero he needed to be. Aiden hated uncertainty. That's why he dove into things. Things were so much clearer in action.

Except everything was muddled now. Or mired. He didn't go out like he used to. No bike races recently despite the messages on his phone. Though he didn't know about being called 'Hollywood' now. Though maybe he should take that as a code name or something. Or just take that as his name entirely. Or just go by Aiden. There were better suited people to carry on the Blaire name anyway. Four that he could think of. Five if you considered Caroline in. Six when he remembered Josephine was a half-sister on that side. He was starting to think he didn't fit in anywhere, really. Not at home. Not at school. And he was so going to be the odd guy out when Angel went to college and they lived with Val and Sara. Those three had maps with directions and he had... blue post-it notes falling off a mirror.

He hoped the final tests came soon. His education before Xavier's had always been geared toward tests. He excelled there. Not that he pulled down top grades, but he did pretty well. It was his push comes to shove instinct. Adrenaline kicking in and making his mind clearer. His final project had been a great distraction. It had taken up all that time he was now spending waiting. But it was done and handed in and he was left with time on his hands.

Angel was a big help, though. She was what kept him sane. His mind would start to float off and her presence would bring him back like a tug on a string. If she hadn't been there with him when he had his nightmares, he probably wouldn't even be here anymore. Aiden would have been gone. Pushed on the road and running from inevitable dread. Hunted by friend and foe alike. Though he thought the odds were tipped more toward the enemies at the moment. If Spiral came to drag him back, there was no defense against her. He knew that. He didn't mention it, but he had to accept and live with it. Thus, he tried to live every day with Angel like it could be his last. Because if he was pulled back into hell, the devil wasn't going to let him go.

His girlfriend was a rock to cling to. A saucy and flirtatious rock, but one all the same. When he struggled awake from his nightmares, she was there. Soft, warm certainty asleep beside him. Sometimes with her tail wrapped around him somehow. Usually when his dreams were his worst. He sometimes wondered how she managed to cling to him tightly when he needed it. He would also be glad when he could live someplace where he didn't exactly have to sneak around to share a bedroom with her.

Done drying so he wasn't dripping anymore, Aiden tossed the towel at the hamper. This was school and not a hotel so he couldn't steal the towels. He watched the balled up towel get right inside the rim. He had a ghost of a smile on his face before he turned invisible. If he had brought clothes in, they would have gotten damp from the sauna atmosphere his shower had made in the room. So, instead, he propped the door open to get the room to air out and padded down the hall, back to his dorm room.
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He wrote a report on the possibility of general good will between humans and mutants through the musical medium. He cited the history of mutant musicians (exclusive interviews with his mother and Aunt Lila for some reason) so far and speculated on possible ways to use music as a healing and unifying tool.

The multimedia portion was a CD made of music recorded and produced by Aiden. Nothing with a specific message, but an album with mutants doing songs all sorts of people can get into. Aiden laid down the drum tracks and vocals. His brother Percy did the guitar parts and background vocals. Aiden found a bass player in one of the lower grades who had a thing for Joan Jett music; she also did the vocals for the tracks where a female singer was needed. The CD was put together on school equipment, except for the parts done in Japan by his brother and sent to him.

The CD cover looks like this:

The songs on the CD are these:

Copies of the CD were sent home to his parents, siblings, and other relatives. He has copies to give to his aunts, sister, cousin, and girlfriend in person. He also has a stack of Cd's to hand out to interested people.

If curious, Aiden's singing voice sounds exactly like the one on the last track.
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They had arrived at Narita Airport on the 23rd after a nonstop flight from New York. Due to Hand activities earlier in the year and the need to hide Angel from having to be fingerprinted when she didn't have five fingers, they departed the flight and got a special escort from a short by even Japanese standards woman. They went through customs with minimal fuss and met up with the welcoming committee. The three students got hugs and shuffled off to the vehicle with their bags and things. They arrived at the twin's home (shown in a Percy made model here) in the evening. Angel was shown a guest room and the twins dropped off their own things after being lovingly mauled.

The next day was a haze of sleep, baking, and wrapping. Also, one sore butt from Aiden slipping and falling on the ice-covered koi pond while trying to show off.

Now, it was currently Christmas Day. Aiden was lounging on the couch. There were presents to open. Though there were nice smells wafting from the kitchen. His grandmother still had not come down yet. He was just going to enjoy the day as much as he could. It was nice to be home.

Though he did hope they could give a little mini-concert with Mom before the present unwrapping began in earnest. Because Tristan was going to take forever with his haul from Santa.
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Aiden was trying to figure out how he got here. Well, not on the dock by the boathouse. That was a simple matter of walking. Alone because he walked out of a large building with lots of people in it with a cellphone cradled against his ear. Now, his phone was held loosely in one hand as he watched sunlight play on the lake waters.

He supposed he should be afraid of the lake. He nearly drowned here a couple weeks ago. But that was a special circumstance. There normally wasn't lake monsters there. Or giant squids. Or anything that Hogspimple place had in those books. It's not that he forgot what happened either. The taste of the water and the burning of his lungs were not things that would easily meander away from his recollection. It's just... he couldn't blame the lake for what happened to him.

He could blame himself for the past two conversations with his father on the cellphone. The first came the day Hana had made it to Japan. Apparently, the haunted and haggard look had stayed for the flight and beyond. It was nice to hear she got there okay. It was less nice when Dad started to prod for information. Aiden managed to stay vague for a bit; he hadn't known what Hana would want told or not. His father was a light touch most times; people barely noticed he turned things the way he needed. Except when it came to the welfare of his wife and children. Even the cranky older younger brother.

"Aiden." Dad didn't sound like he thought he had been given the whole story.
"But that's what happened."
"Not entirely. Everything, Aiden." His voice was getting a little harder and insistent.
"I... don't know what she wants told. I don't know everything. Misha probably does. Call him?"
"Aiden..." The third time his name has come up. Dad is not giving up.
The teen sighed. "Alright. Here's everything I know has happened lately."

The second call from his parents came at what was probably the end of his sister's stay. Aiden hadn't been too sure how long she would be gone. Both parents on the line, so it seemed like something serious. When they said everyone was fine, Aiden relaxed. Which made the gut punch in the next sentence hit a little harder. Hana didn't want to be there anymore. She wanted to move out. Away. It was at that point he had started walking. He couldn't be around people. People distracted him. He needed to think. To wrap his mind around how miserable his sister had to be and how he had done not enough to help her not feel that way.

He went over everything that had happened from his end. It gnawed on him that he did something wrong. That he didn't do enough of something to keep his twin happy, but then again, he was getting the idea his stock with her was diminishing. He had made her promise not to avoid him anymore. Period. She could have avoided everybody but him. Before she left, she was still avoiding him and everybody else.

There was some serious thought on the end of that dock that if her promise to him meant nothing, then his promise to not go off on adventures without telling her didn't have to be followed. Except he couldn't justify going back on his own promise. His bike racing wasn't an adventure. It was more of a test. A challenge. And he always came home with no stories to tell. Adventures needed stories. Even if the end included being impaled on a samurai's sword.

But he thought he had until graduation. Aiden knew life would probably take him on a different path than his sister, but he thought he had more time. A few more months to hang with her. A little longer to be two goofy kids late at night in front of a television. That couldn't happen when she was elsewhere and commuting in. He had always had a sense of comfort knowing his sister was sleeping under the same large roof. That one person in the mass of students and teachers understood him implicitly and was always there. Now, he didn't have it.

It was stupid and childish and probably a bit too possessive to ever bring up to his father. But it was what Aiden felt.

The Mojoworlder stood at the end of the dock and stared vacantly over the water. His cellphone was held so loosely it was threatening to fall either on the wooden dock or in the murky waters under the dock.

He just needed to get a handle on this. Hana wasn't abandoning him. It was probably better for her peace of mind if she left. Because things had been pretty terrible around here for her. She would never mean to purposefully hurt him. So, he would just have to try out some acting skills of his own. Be supportive. Ignore his own feelings. Help her out.


He thought he had until at least May.
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(( Takes place shortly after the events in Hana's post ))

Thank the programmers that Aunt Lisa had taken a strong hand in getting things situated. After Aunt Nika's insistence that Hana stay in her room, Aiden's twin eventually told those gathered what had happened to her in Alex's bathroom. Aiden himself went through several shades of white as he listened. There was still an enormous amount of anger inside of him, but it was blanketed under fear and sadness. His sister and best friend had been attacked like that. He held Hana until she finally fell asleep.

Then Aunt Lisa stepped in. She and Nika would alternate between the recliner in the front room and the chair at Hana's bedside. Aiden got the couch. Angel was given Lisa's bed to sleep in. The teen Mojoworlder would have protested, but he was too drained after listening to what Hana said to try. He kissed Angel on the cheek and settled on the couch. He couldn't relax. His mind kept going over how he must have missed chances to help Hana. She was supposed to look after him, and he her. Dad had told him as much when they first started school at Xavier's.

Aiden kept tossing and turning, never quite falling asleep. After Nika had finished her turn for vigil at Hana's bedside, he watched through half-lidded eyes as she went right past the recliner to the front closet. She seemed to dig some things out and go out the front door. He had never been very good at time-telling, but it was still dark out.

It was lonely and cold in the front room without somebody over there in the recliner. He sat up with a soft sigh. His stomach roiled at the change in position. He puffed out a breath to try to keep dinner down. Every time he'd close his eyes, he'd see his sister backed into a corner and scared out of her mind. When he felt his stomach heave again, he decided a bathroom might be in order. He avoided the main one in case Hana or Lisa needed it.

He quietly crept into Lisa's room. Aiden paused to look at the dark shape on his aunt's bed. He longed to lay beside Angel and just hold her. She was warm and rock steady. Everything he needed right at the moment. Except if he did that, he might get sick all over her. His stomach was letting him know in no uncertain terms that he had never been this worried and it did not like it one bit. So, instead of climbing onto the bed with Angel, he quietly padded into the master bathroom.

Aiden did his best to close the door as silently as he could. If he did hurl, he hoped the mighty wood of the door would protect his girlfriend's ears. He slowly groped his way through the darkness to find the toilet. He might have knocked over Lisa's toothbrush cup and toothpaste and... Za's Vid, he didn't want to know what his aunt kept in here. Why couldn't he just find the... ah. There it was.

The tile felt a little cool as he slowly sank down. He swallowed and stared at the dark spot that was probably the toilet. He felt terrible. He could probably feel better if he threw up. Or at least drained enough to try to fall into a numb sleep. Except his body was not cooperating. After a few minutes of kneeling in front of the porcelain bowl, he shifted and sat down with his back against the bathtub. He willed himself to puke. Anything. Release of something.


Instead, he drew his knees up to his chest and wrapped his arms around them. Why Hana? Of the two of them, why her? He was supposed to protect her. He thought he had been doing okay. Except in the span of months, he had been given two outstanding examples that he couldn't. He wondered if this was part of growing up. Being shown that you were a complete failure on the most important things. With the Hand, he couldn't have done much. He knew that much. But with Alex, he should have seen something. Stopped it somehow.

It had been too much of a relief then. Had to be it. He had been seeing Hana smile again after Misha left with Becky. He thought maybe she had listened to him. Now, he was thinking he knew nothing. That he had somehow stopped paying attention and thinking everything was fine when it wasn't. He bit his lower lip and put his forehead down on his knees.

He wanted to shrink. Disappear down to a size where he could hide in one of Hana's pockets and pop out to punch noses before things got out of hand. Instead, he got hot tears sliding down his cheeks and his shoulders shaking. He tried to choke down the sounds that wanted to come out.
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Aiden had been doing this for a little while. Finding time to slip out by himself. Lots of assumptions were made that he was out supporting his sister at her play. He didn't really disabuse anybody of that notion. He still was trying to figure out if he liked what he was doing. It had started early in Hana's rehearsal schedule, after talking to her about what he termed the 'Becky incident.' He took his sister out to her rehearsals and had time to kill. At first, he checked the local music stores and looked into if any bands needed a drummer. Nothing really caught his attention. So, he started to drive around on his bike.

He was just sort of exploring when he drove right into the middle of one. It really ticked off the guys racing. There were heated words, hands raised to try to appear like he wasn't ready to punch anybody, confusion, and eventually Aiden ending up on the starting line while somebody checked the police scanners again. Aiden wasn't sure what was going on, but if it required his bike to go fast, he figured what the heck.
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Aiden knew his sister went out to the same party Misha did. He was also aware of his sister's feelings for Logan's son. So, it made his stomach a little sour that she didn't show up that night. Then Angel did a right proper job of distracting him. Good enough that he actually managed to sleep.

In the morning after his training, his concern was back anew when he found she wasn't back just yet. When she did come back, it was in some of Misha's clothes. Aiden made no comment about that. He didn't really care as long as it did not make her majorly unhappy. Because what he needed to talk to her about would.

So, he caught up to her before she made it to her room and told her he needed to talk to her as soon as possible. Though he let her take a shower.

He spent his time fidgeting in the hallway.
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It had taken sending his aunt after his father for Aiden to finally get the chance to talk to Longshot alone. And even then, he still had to wait for it to happen. Aiden assumed Dad was really not happy with him after hearing about his phone call with Mom. Due to some twists of luck, Longshot was either in the room when Aiden was asleep or he had company. Never a chance alone. Aiden couldn't tell if that luck was on purpose or not, but he hoped it wasn't because Dad wanted nothing more to do with him and the presence was just that Japanese form of politeness. So, the teen fiddled with his bed sheet as his father came into the room and closed the door behind him.

"I've been told you wanted to talk to me," Longshot said as he turned around. Aiden couldn't really pick up any emotional tone to his words.

"I..." He sighed and looked up at his Dad. "I'm sorry, Dad. I shouldn't have ever told you to forget anything. I didn't handle our last con-argument right. And if I made you think I don't love you anymore, I was more wrong than the last test I missed. Which hasn't happened in awhile! But..."

He scratched the back of his neck. He waited for a reaction. Except his Dad was being as cool as the stream that ran not far from their home. Aiden dropped his hand down to the bed with a hollow flump. The silence lingered, and Aiden wanted to squirm under his father's steady gaze.

"So," he tried to break the silence, "I'm sorry. I still love you. And, uhm, I'm ready for any punishment."

"A month," Longshot replied quietly. "Which is down from the rest of your life."

There was a sinking feeling in Aiden's stomach, but he was not going to argue the punishment. He could take it. He nodded. "Okay."

That got a reaction from Longshot. He stepped closer and looked confused. "No arguments? You're not allowed to leave the grounds for a month."

"I knew I was going to be punished when I left. I don't regret leaving. If I didn't, Misha wouldn't be alive. I might not have went the right way about it, but I'm not going to fight what I don't need to." He started to tug his top sheet between his hands. It took a minute for Aiden to catch the nervous gesture and stop himself. "So, I'm grounded for a month. What else?"

That made Longshot squint. He seemed to be looking his son over like he was a pod person. "Since you're determined to go out and get in over your head in duels, you have early morning lessons. You will attend them and not even be a minute late. Logan was kindly willing to teach those lessons to you."

Aiden nodded again. The lessons part by itself wouldn't be bad. The early morning portion would be torture. Especially since Logan was teaching it. There would be no dozing or charming his way out of it. "Alright. Then what do I have to do to make everything up to you?"


"C'mon. There has to be something. I said I'm sorry, but it doesn't seem to be enough. You probably think I hate you or something, and you probably don't like me anymore because you've been avoiding being alone with me. Err. Being with me when I can talk to you alone. So, what do I need to do?" There had to be something. He didn't want to see the worry and hurt in his Dad's eyes. Longshot might have thought he was covering it up well, and he was to a point. But sometimes he let his guard down and his son picked up on it.

Longshot sighed and rubbed his chin. "I.. don't know, son. You hurt me and disappeared. So the hurt's been around awhile."

"Oh." Well, if he couldn't get things back to square one with his father, Aiden had no chance in hell of getting any of the other family things fixed. He couldn't look at his Dad anymore. He was too ashamed. Instead, he stared at a spot right next to his knee. He blinked a couple times. He sighed and shook his head. "I didn't mean to make you hate me..."

There was some sort of sigh from Longshot. Aiden couldn't place it and didn't try to. His mind was racing on how he could still make things right. He almost jumped when his father gently grabbed his hand. "I don't hate you. I could never hate you, Aiden. I love you more than life itself. And you know me. I'm a pretty life-loving guy."

Well, the spot by his knee wasn't interesting anymore. Though he couldn't quite look up. Maybe looking at his father's hand on his should count. "So, what do I need to do to make this right? If I can't make it right with you, I'll never be able to make things right with Mom."

"You already did what you needed to make this right." His hand disappeared from on top of Aiden's. The side railing disappeared and Longshot was sitting on the very edge of the bed. Two strong arms wrapped around the teen. "I'm just built for drama. Sometimes, I have a hard time letting it go. I see you're sorry. I see you still love me. That's all I need, Super Frog."

The laugh couldn't be stopped. It was relief in its best form. Dad was stilling calling him Super Frog. It wasn't irreparable.

"You're still on thin ice, Aiden. But I know you can work us back to where we need to be. I am proud of you for saving Misha. That was some quick thinking. And luck with your girlfriend there. For a brief second, when there wasn't an explosion going off around me, I knew that you were my son without a doubt." Longshot gave a gentle squeeze. "And I almost died on the spot when I saw you standing there with a sword through your chest. You might be closer to an adult in age, but that was my baby boy over there. The one who looked up at me when he was six months old and told me Ecuador was the top exporter of bananas in one word."



"Has anybody told you you're weird lately?"

This time, it was Longshot's turn to laugh.
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Aiden had been sitting on his father's bed in their temporarily shared room for a couple hours by now. He hadn't turned on the lights so he could stay in the dark. He couldn't see a thing, but his other senses were working well enough to keep him alert. He sat slightly hunched with his elbows resting on his knees. He tilted his head a bit as he heard footsteps in the hallway. They were too heavy to be his father's so he settled back and waited some more.

He had gone through drumming about five more songs mentally when the door opened and spilled light into the room. Aiden jumped and blinked. He almost cursed himself in being too engrossed in the music. Instead, a hard-light sword almost materialized in his hands. It was just a flicker, however, when he recognized the silhouette in the doorway.

"Aiden," came the tired voice. "I've been hunting ninja all day. Hiding in the dark in my room..."

The teen shrugged. Then he realized his father probably couldn't see it. "I wouldn't be able to catch you any other way before you sleep."

The light was flicked on; Aiden squinted at the brightness. He rubbed his eyes as he heard his father step in completely and shut the door behind him.

"I've been beating different paths than Logan and the Black Widow. They're probably doing better with the blood-letting than I am with investigating." He sounded tired. It almost made Aiden get up and let him sleep. As did his first good look at Longshot since Hana was returned. There usually weren't dark rings under his eyes. His cheeks looked a little more hollow. Dad looked like hell warmed slightly tepid.

"Then let me help you. Go with. Two sets of eyes are better." Aiden was slowly going insane sitting on his butt. Hana had gotten her memories back and didn't need him around all that much. Angel had to sleep sometime and have some time to herself so Aiden didn't wear out his welcome. So he got quiet moments of wanting to help somehow. Wanting to strike back. To prove himself.

"Aiden, no. You and Hana need to stay here to be safe." Those words seemed like steel. Not moving.

Those words had never met Aiden. "One of the safest places is beside you. Please, Dad. I gotta do something! Sitting here and waiting for the all clear is ... stupid."

"Lemme put this simply... no. Not on your life." Longshot crossed his arms in front of his chest. "It's not safe next to me. They took Hana. From one of the safest places around. While I was here. It's safer among the teachers and students here than singled out with me."

That got the teen to his feet. He just barely bit back that Misha was already out. It was a hunch, but Aiden didn't want to get compared to the trouble the older boy was stirring up. Misha just wasn't around. He had to go somewhere. The current suspicion was that somewhere was out after the Hand. "Look. Everybody already thinks I'm this dumb blond boy who has an odd relationship with his sister. How being nice and concerned for your sister is odd, is beyond me, but there it is. I'm good enough. I'm good enough to help out. Good enough to strike back. Give me the chance."

"You're not dumb." There was no comment on the other things.

"Yeah, that's why everybody treats me like I'm five."

"You're not five." Dad was all about tired assurances at the moment.

"I certainly act like it sometimes. And I can't stop it. I get so excited over small things. Or you and Mom visiting. And everybody thinks, HEY a moron with the intellect of an eight-year-old! Except I didn't grow up. Grow up to be jaded that my power will solve everything. And hey, there are no wonders in the world because everything is a giant bucket of ... bucket of... aw, fekt. What's it matter? I can't mentally put it together anyway." His fingers flexed at his side. He was losing the argument on his own. He wanted it so bad that his energy was off and running before he could get traction. He tried to force his mind to stay, to not go off track.

"Aiden, that's not it. There's nothing wrong with you." Longshot reached out to place his hands on Aiden's shoulders but missed as his son backed away from the touch.

"Nothing wrong with me? Stop lying. I get caught and beaten and released." His hands balled into aggravated fists at his sides. He felt the disconnect between what his body was doing and what his mind jumped to. He dragged his mind back to the anger that poked red hot through the base of his neck to the middle of his brow. "Hana gets kidnapped, tortured until she forgets everything about her, and returned. And I just have to. Sit. There."

The shadows in the room may have been playing tricks, but it looked like Longshot made a funny face. When he spoke it was softly and in confusion. "You're upset that you didn't get tortured as badly? Aiden, you should be-"

"I'm not worth the effort. I get it!" His mind was sputtering. He tried to right it. Through gritted teeth. "You don't care how I feel. I don't feel it anymore."

"What? Aiden, I'm not under-"

"Forget it," the teen yelled in Cadre. If he noticed he dropped his father's personal f-word, he didn't show it. "Forget I was here. Forget I was even born. I don't care anymore."

"Aiden!" Longshot reached to grab his son by the arm. He missed as his son was faster than he was as an eight-year-old. It must have caught him flat-footed because it gave Aiden enough time to leave the room.